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The Arrow and Quiver at its maximum

The Arrow, Bow, and Quiver all coincide with each other. Once you recieve the Bow in the Fire Temple, you recieve a Quiver with its maximum of 20 Arrows. Arrows can be bought in bundles of 10 for 50 rupees. Bundles of five can be found in items such as Item Bulbs, Pots, and the like.

Upgrades Edit

You can upgrade the Quiver to hold 30 Arrows by either bying it at the Goron Shop for 2,000 Rupees or you can defeat the third level of Take 'Em All On. Following that, if you get 3,000-3,999 in the Pirate Hideout, you can upgrade it to hold 50 arrows.

 Bow of LightEdit

You obtain this special bow after defeating Skeldritch in the Sand Temple. It is also neccesary in defeating Malladus in the final battle. This Bow, if you hold it for a few seconds before firing, can create Light Arrows. A Light Arrow's advantage is that it can hit multiple enemies at once, as it goes through enemies instead of just stopping once it hits one. Also, once you obtain the Bow of Light, you can never use the regular Bow again.

Spirit Tracks Wiki pics Bow of Light

The Bow of Light